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Are you pissed off with women these days?

C.W. Confidence was…

Since he was a young boy, C. W. Confidence had been taught to view all women as authoritarian, virtuous angels who could do no wrong. He allowed women to mistreat him, abuse him and exploit him for their own selfish wishes.

But, after surviving a traumatic and complicated divorce, he decided enough was enough.

He was going to make up for lost time and date all the beautiful girls he missed out on as an ignorant youngster.

But he was forty now. Was that even possible?

“Here Be Dragons – A Story of Red Pilled Dating in the 21st Century” is the real-life tale of one man’s wild journey, from clueless desperation, through revenge-seeking misogyny, to peaceful redemption, set against the backdrop of the insane world of Sugar Dating.

Follow C.W. Confidence’s adventure as he unlocks the mysteries behind successfully dating Instagram models half his age, deals with manipulative, duplicitous seductresses behaving at their absolute worst, and ultimately discovers what it takes to genuinely attract REAL high quality women in the 21st century.


 "I just finished your book and I loved it (yes I gave it a positive review on Amazon), the things I enjoyed and kept me engaged was how well each chapter was written and providing information that was useful in a nice concise way. I have read the usual Rolo books and a few other PUA stuff, while good in their own right what you have done with your book is just downright amazing. So Thank you. Note: I am not expecting a reply, I just wanted to let you know." - Peter T.

"I bought your book on Kindle last night. I have been red-pilled by Rollos books and the guys on rule zero. Your book has opened my eyes even more. I was just reading it and stopped at the beginning of the Jessica chapter.

I simply have been blown away by it.

I had no clue women would do this! When I read the book it was like you was reading my life to some degree.  I have read Rollos stuff and was awakened but YOUR book is flooring me.

What I like so far is that you show the texts of you interactions with women such as Elle. To me it shows your not making anything up." - Chris A luck, old duck...I'm gonna remember that one!

"I'm still reading the book.  I'm really liking it so far. It's red pill examples laid out. I recommend to get this on Amazon bc it's educational and entertaining both!" - Chris C.

"The seminal text (no pun intended) of so-called "Salt Dating". Our intrepid Australian correspondent spent six months in the bush (no pun intended) and brought back crucial knowledge of the strange and incredible creatures that inhabit it, as well as the pitfalls to watch out for. If you dare to step foot in this strange jungle of desire, be sure to take this guidebook with you." - Marshal D.

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