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Alexander Grace Reviews "Here Be Dragons"

So a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Alexander Grace regarding my book “Here Be Dragons”.

For those of you who don’t know who Alexander Grace is, he’s who I would consider to be one of the most rational, even minded YouTubers for men’s relationship issues.

I’ve been following Alexanders work for a couple of years now. He currently has about 85K subscribers on his YouTube channel and I’d highly recommend anybody, men or women, who might be interested in the topic of intersexual dynamics and how biology and evolutionary psychology guides us in the dating and relationship landscape, to subscribe to his channel HERE

His channel is a breath of fresh air for anyone wanting to take a break from the growing misogyny of the red pill community and I personally think he does fantastic work.

Anyway, here's his review of my book, "Here Be Dragons"

"The topic of Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies fascinates me. It’s in this dynamic that the veneer of cultural propriety is stripped away and we see the raw exchange that occurs between the sexes. Men hand over money and women hand over sex.

Yet this is a new form of prostitution. No seedy brothels or backpage ads. No career sex workers with many years under their belt. Sugar Babies are far more mainstream. Supposedly regular girls who will go on dates with you and be your girlfriend so long as you lavish them with expensive gifts and a monthly allowance.  

Dating is extremely difficult for the average man. It’s hard to get women to even look at you, let alone consider you as a potential sexual partner. However, if you have money, all kinds of new opportunities open up.  

In the Sugar community, there are 6 women to every man. The females on sites like seeking arrangement trip over each other competing for the attention of these rich men.  

Though he is independently wealthy, the protagonist of ‘Here Be Dragons’ has no intention of paying for a woman’s affection. He practices what is known as ‘Salt Dating’. The art of enticing Sugar Babies into his life by appealing to their innate instinct of Hypergamy without ever actually handing over any money.

Is this for real? Yes. Is it ethical? Debatable. Is it effective? Frighteningly so.  

In this true story, the author gives a detailed account of his 6 month experiment, dating gorgeous young women without ever paying for the pleasure.

The book goes into graphic detail, not just of his sexual encounters with these women, but of the mental and emotional journey he goes on as he learns about women and himself.  

What does the average man do, having spent decades of his life feeling ignored by the women around him when he suddenly unlocks the keys to the kingdom? When you are granted access to the kind of sexual abundance that previously only A-list celebrities enjoyed, how do you handle it? How many sexual experiences do you have with beautiful young women before you begin you wonder if there is more?

Having met the author in person, I can vouch for the authenticity of his book and the experiences he relates within.  

The simplest way to put it is that I enjoyed the book a lot. Of course I am curious to know what possibilities of sexual abundance can be unlocked using the Salt Dating techniques outlined in the book. No denying it, there is a voyeuristic appeal in getting a behind the scenes glance at the sex life of this man and the many Sugar Babies he seduces.  

But more than that, watching his internal struggle and his own character development makes for a fascinating read. There are elements of his experience that all men can relate to and learn from.  

However do not mistake my enthusiasm for the book as an endorsement of the main character or his choices. I personally think the Sugar Baby community attracts low quality women and is best avoided.

Nor is the main character a typical hero that you cheer for throughout. There were numerous times throughout the book I found him frustrating, even dislikable. In a sense, that’s what makes for an interesting book though, reading about the struggles and choices of someone different to you, putting yourself in their place and having the courage to ask, what would I do in this situation?

If most men found themselves with the sort of sexual abundance the protagonist achieved, how would they behave? What choices would they make?

Few men will have the courage to ask themselves these questions, let along seek out the experiences that prompt them. The author of this book did.  

He went there, studied the landscape thoroughly and then documented his findings. He even included detailed instructions on how to replicate his experiment for other curious travellers.  

In summary, this book is a fantastic anthropological contribution to our understanding of modern dating and the expression of ancient biological instincts in our current society. For anyone who wants to peek behind the curtain, this book is for you."

Well, there you have it. Look out for the Video Interview I had with Alex, which I'll post on Facebook and YouTube, and my follow up to his video.

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