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Are You Really Better Off Dating And Marrying Eastern European Or Asian Women?

Ok, so I’ve actually had a few people ask me to this now, so, here we go.

So, the question these guys are asking is this: is it worth going to places like Eastern Europe or Asia to find a woman worth marrying? Because apparently there’s none left in their own country.

Now It seems like most guys who consider going to Eastern European or Asian countries to try to find a bride or a girlfriend are doing so for three reasons:

Either it’s because they are sick of the lack of success they are experiencing with dating western women.

Or maybe they’re trying to circumvent all the red flags they perceive to be endemic in western women.

Or perhaps they believe that sedentary western culture along with the pervasive feminist agenda has rendered a lot of women in the west physically unattractive now.

On top of this, they’ve probably also seen some ad by a pick-up coach or international dating agency promising them there’s a world of exotic nubile babes just a plane ticket away. And now they’ve become curious.

So, I’m sure you’ve seen this on YouTube or whatever, these pickup coaches with their videos in exotic locations like South America and Eastern Europe and they’re telling you “hey! there’s plenty of beautiful women over here to choose from. Why don’t you pack up all of your shit and come over here and I’ll teach you how to get laid and get a girlfriend!”.

And every time I see one of these videos, I find myself thinking “Haven’t these guys got anything better to do than chase women? And why are these coaches encouraging guys to fly halfway across the globe just to get laid???”.

Sure, if you want you can go ahead do this and just chalk it up as it a fun crazy adventure, the whole experience might help get you out of your comfort zone for a short time.

But it’s important to understand your true motivations here.

In order to ascertain whether what you’re doing is actually of benefit to you long term, the question you need to genuinely ask yourself is this: Am I travelling overseas because I’m lonely, or because I want to improve myself?

The distinction has to be made between travelling overseas to attend a life coaching course and travelling overseas specifically to meet women. And if you’re travelling overseas specifically to meet women, I think you’re doing yourself a disservice.

So, when people ask me, do I think it’s worth going overseas to find a girlfriend or a partner, my response is why are you even considering spending so much energy and resources chasing women?

It’s been said time and time again – women are not interested in men who make them their sole focus and the centre of their universe.

Think about it. Wouldn’t it be far better for you to take those thousands of dollars that you were going to spend on plane tickets, hotel accommodation, maybe even those international dating services, (most of which are total scams anyway), and invest it into yourself?

Learn a new skill, get a gym membership, find a good psychologist or counsellor or coach or whatever and spend some time and money figuring out what's really holding you back.

No, this advice isn’t as seductive as the fantasy of flying to an exotic location and hooking up with some hot Asian babe, but if you haven’t done the work on yourself so you’re a naturally attractive prospect for women, that hot Asian babe could turn into your worst nightmare real quick!

You have to remember there are good quality women and bad quality women in every country.

The fact is if you think you’re going to find a good woman by just travelling to another country, without doing any work on yourself first to be generally more desirable as a partner, think again.

You’re just going to going to draw more toxic people into your life in a different country.

Thinking your “luck” will change with women by just changing your surroundings is completely missing the point. Because if you’re still the same person who was getting bad results before, then you’ll just keep getting those same bad results, just in a different country.

And yes, if you travel to an Eastern European country you may find yourself a woman who might be more open to the idea of traditional gender roles in the relationship if that’s what you’re looking for.

And if you decide to bring her back to your own country, you might even think you’ve got this woman trapped in a relationship because she’s solely reliant on you for support.


But people really really don’t like their freedom taken away from them, and if the only reason that woman is with you is that you’ve essentially attempted to trap her in a relationship, then she will make your life a living hell.

If this is the case she will be openly hypergamous and most probably just use you as a walking wallet, and you will find yourself picking up the tab for not only her but her extended family as well. Because she’ll quite reasonably complain that she’s getting lonely.

Remember, the price of a lack of genuine desire is a steep one.

And then worse still, If nothing is keeping her with you other than your resources, she will be out the door as soon as she has her citizenship and a better financial deal comes along. Because why wouldn’t she do that?

Women all around the world are attracted to the same thing in a partner. Health and competence. If you have neither, all you’re going to end up with is a transactional relationship. So you might as well save your money on airfares and instead just start sugar dating in your home town.

Men are being sold the myth that all the good women reside in countries other than their own like the grass is greener on the other side.

But the fact is, there’s no mythical cornucopia of wonderful women in a far off land. There are just other women.

Women all over the world work on the same basic operating program. They want a capable provider who they are also physically attracted to. And if you’re not anywhere close to the best version of yourself, then it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, high quality women still won’t have any genuine desire for you.

But, high quality women do exist in your country. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars trying to find them in a far off land.

It's just that many high quality women these days view relationships with men as luxuries. They’re not reliant on a man to provide for them any more, so why should they complicate their life with a relationship that doesn’t serve them.

And to be honest I fully appreciate this sentiment. They aren’t going to allow anyone into their life that doesn’t compliment it, and nor should you.

A pretty girl with a sexy accent doesn’t guarantee great wife material. You can’t fall into that trap. Her exotic heritage doesn’t give her a free pass. You have to do your due diligence process at all times.

But in all honesty, the real key here is to stop trying to force things to happen. Travelling across the globe to find a girl really feels like trying to force something to happen.

Instead, concentrate on improving yourself for yourself and, when the time is right, the right person will find you.

In the meantime, learning to be patient and happy with being single is paramount. Learn that you don’t need rescuing from singledom by some girl, who really just wants to get out of her shitty country.

Spend the time working through your trapped emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from obtaining what you truly want.

And work on building your self-esteem. Because, when you genuinely believe you have value, and you are the prize, then you won’t put up with bad behaviour from anyone, regardless of where they hail from.

And, if you do all this, you’ll probably find that you no longer feel the need to do desperate things like travel to another goddamn country to try to find a bloody woman.

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