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Hanging Out With HOT "Soccer Mums" Taught Me How Women Behave Behind Their Partners Backs...

What do women really say about their partners behind their back?

How strong is a woman’s sense of hypergamy and what will it make them do if they become bored, lonely housewives?

Now, If you’re around my age or thereabouts, I’m sure you remember that TV show Desperate Housewives. If you haven’t, it was basically a TV comedy-drama about a bunch of housewives trying to solve a crime. It was a hugely successful TV series, it was cat-nip for bored, lonely real-life housewives. It was full of mystery and intrigue and danger. It was full of dark handsome strangers. Bored real-life housewives could live vicariously through the antics of the women on this show.

Well, in this video, I want to tell you my real life Desperate Housewives story. This a really personal story. The experiences that I went through basically gave rise to this channel. That’s no exaggeration. I learned how duplicitous women can be when placed in certain situations, and I experienced first hand how hypergamy can cause some women to compete viciously for men they perceive to be higher value than their current partner, even if they’re married.

Now, just before we begin, I want you to know that I understand that everyone is different, and every woman's resistance to cheating and following her natural hypergamous instincts will be different depending on many factors. But, in this video, I’m just going to be talking about the actions of a particular group of women. Their actions don’t represent what all women are like, just what they were like.

Btw, I’ve talked about how to calculate and quantify a woman’s resistance to cheating in a previous video, I’ll leave a link up to it if you want to check it out.

But anyway, to set the scene, the events I’m going to talk about in this video happened during the couple of years I spent as a stay at home dad about 5 or six years ago…

Now, a quick backstory for context…

So, around 5 or 6 years ago, my now ex-wife and I decided to swap roles in the house. She was getting antsy at home, she was tired of playing Suzy homemaker, she was a very accomplished businesswoman and always enjoyed her work and wanted to get back out there.

Conversely, I was suffering from a severe case of burnout. I had just sold my IT company which had pretty much almost killed me, it had drained all the energy from me, I was in therapy for acute anxiety, I was a mess and I just needed a break and a change of pace. I liked writing and psychology and I really just wanted to take an extended sabbatical and maybe write a psychological horror screenplay or something…

So we decided she would go back out to work and I’d play Suzy homemaker for a couple of years.

Now, part of my new role would be to manage all the aspects of my young daughter's schooling and social life. So I’d have to chauffeur her around to swimming lessons and after school playdates with her friends or whatever. Cool!

Now, it has to be said, not to brag, but it’s important for context, that at the time we lived in quite an affluent area of Perth, and my daughter went to quite an expensive private school nearby. So, it’s got to be said, a lot of the mothers were your typical trophy wives and MILFS, and there were a lot of expensive SUV’s and Range Rovers lined up to drop off the kiddies in the morning. You get the picture…

Anyway being quite a social person and an organiser of social events I decided to throw myself completely into the school environment, so I started volunteering a lot at school and before long I ended up as one of the parent representatives. And because of my involvement with the school, I naturally began to make friends with some of the mothers.

So, anyway, I’m class representative, the only male class representative in the whole school, and I’m hanging out daily with the hot mothers from the school. Let the games begin…

Now, one thing soccer mums love to do is hang out together and drink, ostensibly so their kids can play together, but really it’s to talk shit about their useless husbands.

There are 2 topics that soccer mums love talking about above everything else: their children and how useless their husbands are. I really think men need to be more aware of this. Women purposefully get together with the express intent of complaining about their partners. I think this is a uniquely female behaviour. I have never been with a group of men where we’ve sat around and just bitched about our partners.

Sure, I’ve given advice to my mates who are having trouble with their spouses, but the difference is they are wanting a solution to a problem.

Women, on the other hand, share their grievances with their spouses simply to bond with one another. They don’t want a solution, they’re not looking for a solution, they just want to connect with one another and what better way to do that than by sharing common issues…

And they wouldn’t hold back. I used to sit there quietly listening while these women, just out of earshot of their kids who would be playing nearby in the park or whatever, they would discuss, in graphic detail, how their husbands couldn’t satisfy them in bed, they would talk about dick sizes, whether or not they were getting it regularly, whether they even wanted it from their husbands any more. Nothing was off the table. It was real bored, desperate housewife type of stuff.

I used to sit there thinking “Jesus, what would happen if your husbands heard you talking about them this way? We’re lounging at a café, watching our kids play at a park, in total luxury, and you’re bitching in public that your husband, the guy that enables you to do what you’re doing now, you’re bitching that he doesn’t go down on you enough?”.

You’ve got to remember that a woman’s hypergamy is never satisfied, even when they’re in a long term relationship. Even within the confines of a long term relationship, they will still be looking to optimise their situation, they will continue to try to get the best deal for themselves.

Now, speaking of hypergamy, another thing I found out very quickly is that, being the only guy within a group of females has its advantages and disadvantages.

On the upside, Yes, I have to admit, it was nice to hang around eye candy. A couple of the girls in the particular group I used to knock around in were ex-models, but they were all in pretty good damn shape. They were a good looking group of women, I have to say that.

On the other hand, because I was the only male within the group, I was the odd one out, especially at the start. And, I was certainly treated differently. I was assumed to be not as competent a parent or to be not as trustworthy. For example, if a bunch of the kids needed to go to the bathroom, some of the mother’s didn’t want their 4-year-old daughters in the toilet with me. This, in particular, used to really give me the shits…

I think it’s a real problem in our society that guys are seen as being sexual predators by default. I think it’s a complete media beat up. Sure, there are some bad eggs out there, but I assure you that the vast Vast VAST majority of guys really aren’t interested in touching 4-year-old girls.

Also, if a social event was coming up, like someone's birthday or something, the women assumed that, because their husbands were useless at organising any social event, I would be the same. They just assumed I was “just another shit-less guy” who couldn’t organise himself out of a paper bag. Initially, I was the charity case of the group, they were sort of taking pity on me by allowing me into their “clique”.

However, a funny thing happened as time went on. While I don’t have a six-pack and I’m not 6 foot tall, one thing I would say that I have always had in my favour when it comes to creating attraction in women is that I’ve always had a quick wit. I’ve always been really good at overcoming shit tests. I’ve always been able to make girls laugh.

Initially, I knew they saw me almost as the gay-male-girlfriend but, as time went on, as I started displaying my natural competencies at organising social events and dealing with any vicious barbs slung my way with indifferent humour, I noticed a few of the girls starting acting extra “nice” to me…

Shit started happening like, they would break plans with other people to hang out with me, just me, so that “our kids could play together”…

Then, when we were by ourselves with just the kids, they would begin talking about their husbands with me. They would start complaining about them, saying they wished they listened to them like I did, all that stuff.

Now, at this stage, I was pretty innocent to what was going on, but now I realise in retrospect that these women were subtly putting themselves “in my orbit”.

Now, this behaviour was happening with 3 different girls at the same time. And this is where it starts becoming like Desperate Housewives.

I’d be hanging out 1 on 1 with some of these women, sometimes with the kids in tow, sometimes without. I was sort of oblivious to what was going on, what could potentially happen in this situation. But I didn’t really give it much thought. I was just hanging out with my friends. I’d always had attractive women as friends, this was really no different. I mean I was married, they were married, but time went on, I have to admit, there was definitely sexual tension building with some of these women.

Now, I should’ve pulled the pin as soon as I started feeling this sexual tension but, I have to admit, I was enjoying the attention. And it was kind of exciting. I was like “hey, we’re not doing anything, but this feels kinda exciting.” It was nice to feel that way again. I think the girls felt the same way too...

Then, one night, it all came to a head. One of the mothers, a very attractive blonde south African girl, invited me over to her place for a BBQ. Her husband was going to be there, my wife was invited, it was all good. There was nothing weird going on.

However, the rest of the group got wind of my exclusive invitation and suddenly all hell broke loose. It was fucking world war 3. I remember sitting at a nice café, with these 4 women, completely gobsmacked, as they screamed at each other through torrents of tears in public, because this South African girl had gone behind their back and lied about inviting me to her place.

I honestly had no idea what the fuck was going on, why it was such a big deal???

However, later on, one of the mothers confessed that she had developed a crush on me and she was afraid of losing me to the other woman. Then, at a completely different time, another girl admitted having feelings for me! It was like being back in high school!

What I came to realise much later on, is that these women, who were supposed to be friends, had begun competing with one another for my attention. And the South African girl had tried to surreptitiously one-up the others, she’s sort of broken one of the unwritten rules of the competition. And these girls were fucking vicious with her. When they found out she had invited me to her place without their knowledge. She was immediately kicked out of the group, she was literally sent packing in tears. As I said, it was like being back in high school! It was just so petty!

But anyway, long story short, that whole mother's group ended up eating itself alive. All the women ended up turning on one another and backstabbing one another, spreading all sorts of rumours about each other through the school. It was totally insane. And I was right at the centre of all this bullshit, going “what the fuck is going on???”.

The crazy thing is, all this shit was happening behind the backs of the husbands. They had absolutely no idea what was going on. These women were great at keeping secrets from their husbands. Until they weren’t…

Now, I’m gonna confess, ultimately I did end up hooking up with one of these mothers. In retrospect, it was inevitable. I had pretty much separated from my wife by then, we’d had an agreement that we were allowed to see other people if we wanted to, and my wife knew exactly what was going on pretty much from day 1, and I was under the impression that this woman was also separating from her husband, so I thought we were both in the clear.

Stupid me, I believed her at her word. I was totally blue-pilled at the time. I thought women didn’t tell lies. But yeah she was actually just cheating on her husband with me, so that whole saga really screwed me up.

About a year later I dated another one of the mothers from that school group for a while. She had separated from her husband around the same time as I had separated from my wife, so that was fine. But that didn’t last too long either for “numerous reasons”.

But after it went pear-shaped with that mother who was cheating on her husband with me, I cut off all contact with that group of mothers. It was a completely toxic environment and, considering I was still managing my problems with anxiety, really not the kind of situation I needed in my life.

I’m certainly not proud of how I acted throughout that time. I totally fucked up, I should’ve never let things get as carried away as they did. I should’ve managed that whole situation a hell of a lot better, and that’s basically why I started this channel, it was to learn how to manage relationships with women better and then to pass those learnings on to other men.

But there you go, if you wanted to know why I started this channel, that was the catalyst. Now, as I said earlier, I’m not saying all women are like this but, my experience with that group of women was a huge eye-opener to me. I saw first hand how awful women can be to one another when resources are perceived to be scarce.

For some women, not all, but SOME, marriage won’t stand in the way of them exploring other, potentially better options. I didn’t think I was better than their husbands, but maybe they did in some way…

We can talk about the morality of this whole situation until the end of time, about whether a guy hanging around an attractive group of married women is ever a good idea. But the bottom line is don’t expect others to make responsible decisions. You need to make the responsible decision.

And, in this case, the responsible decision would be to not hang around married women without their husbands, even if they’re begging you too. Leave them the hell alone. Because you should never assume others will do the right thing.

Different women are going to have different levels of resistance to following their hypergamous nature. This particular group of women, they collectively had low resistance to cheating. To be completely honest, maybe subconsciously I knew this going in and I just wanted some excitement in my life. Who knows. But being in that environment, it was like poking a bear. If you do it long enough you’re bound to get bitten, and I got bitten big time.

So that’s my story. The moral is basically if you hang out with bad people, you’re going to get bad results. So make sure you’re vetting people thoroughly before you allow them into your life, especially if you’re considering a romantic relationship with them.

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