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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times...

So December is traditionally the month where every YouTuber does the obligatory year in review video, and this year I’ve decided to be a sheep and follow suit.

Now, I know it only the beginning of December, and to be honest, I’m recording this video around mid-November, but you know, this year’s been pretty uneventful so far, what could possibly happen between now and the end of the year...

Anyway, in this video, I want to talk about what you guys have communicated to me through your actions, rather than your comments, what you think of my videos.

As the old saying goes, if you want to know what someone is truly like, always look at what they do, not say. So, instead of looking at what you’re writing in the comments, I’ve been looking at what videos of mine have been performing the best, so what videos do you, the audience seem to be appreciating the most.

Btw, if you feel like I’ve got something wrong here, please let me know in the comments. Yes, I’m obviously trying to sell my book and I’m marketing my coaching business here, but ultimately this is a channel for you guys, and I’d love to know if I’m giving you the content that you want.

Btw, before we go on, if you want to check out any of the videos that I’ll be highlighting in this video, I’ll link to them all in the details section.

So the first thing that is blindingly obvious to me is that you guys don’t want to watch content about having a drama free divorce. Nobody watches those videos, you guys just don’t like it. I thought it was something that you guys would appreciate, tips and advice on how to conduct yourself during a divorce to mitigate the problems that usually come up, but it doesn’t look like you do so I’ll stop. No more divorce videos, I’ve got the message.

The next thing I want to talk about is a couple of videos in particular that, for my channel at least, have gotten good viewing numbers but weren’t terribly well-received.

Now the first of these videos was my video featuring Myra West. So this was an attractive 21-year-old girl who posted a video lamenting that she had no friends. Now at first, my heart went out to her, loneliness seems to be at epidemic levels in the west these days, but the way she was coming across in her video, something sent my spidey senses tingling.

Something just seemed off about this girl. So I jumped on her channel looked around and watched a couple of her videos, and I came across a video which was pretty much what I would consider to be a smoking gun. It was a video of her mocking an old man for having the gall to approach her and talk to her. And I was like “I fucking knew it!”, and so I made a video about how easy it is for attractive women to fool people into overlooking their faults. I considered her to be a perfect example of this and I still do, I stand by that video. It was a video reminding you guys to keep your head on a swivel and don’t get sucked in by a women's beauty. She’s still just a person.

Well anyway, immediately after posting that video her army of simps launched their offensive. I got called an incel, a piece of shit, I got called everything. They tried to have the video taken down, and I did receive a “please explain” from the powers that be at YouTube, but ultimately common sense prevailed and the video was deemed to be for educational purposes. So, good on YouTube!

Anyway, I was still receiving death threats and being told to go and kill myself on a daily basis 2 months after releasing that video, so I decided to remove the comments section. People tend to pile-on in the comments and while I wholeheartedly believe in free speech, I also believe in taking control of your situation, so I decided to stop the rot, so to speak. I mean if someone decides to make a video about how much of a dickhead I am on their channel then whatever, and I’m more than happy to have a reasonable rational debate with someone who thinks I’ve completely misread the situation, but the toxic immature shit that was being spouted by all the simps in the comments section of that video had absolutely no value to anyone whatsoever, so I pulled the pin.

Now the other video that seems to be attracting the ire of viewers is my video featuring Richard cooper from entrepreneurs in cars and his interpretation of France and Germany’s paternity testing laws. Basically, you’re not allowed to have a paternity test done in these countries and this has outraged a lot of men because now you don’t have any recourse if you suspect paternity fraud has taken place and the kid you're looking after might be the mailman’s.

Now I’ve watched that video again and, while I can see why people are getting upset at what I said (it’s a very emotionally triggering topic), I 100% stand by everything I said in that video.

However, it seems as though the real point of that video has been lost. It’s the funny thing about YouTube, you have this herd mentality that you have to manage and deal with. It seems like everyone read the comments section, assumed I was in support for these paternity laws, based upon what other people had written in the comments and then just piled on.

However, it was not a video declaring my support for the paternity testing laws in France and Germany. I want to go on record to say that personally I completely disagree with these laws. I think they take away a mans biological right to choose to use his resources to raise children that are of his bloodline. And I state as much towards the end of that video.

Unfortunately, most people didn’t get that far through the video and just assumed I agreed with France and Germany, and so I copped a lot of shit for that one. It’s a failure on my part for not structuring my videos better, and not making my position clearer and I deserved to cop shit for that, so lesson learned.

So, to anyone thinking of starting their own YouTube Channel, please be aware of this herd mentality. People do read the comments section and it’s natural for people to make assumptions based on what the masses are saying, it’s called the bandwagon effect. And, yeah, if you’re thinking of starting a channel you have to be able to manage this bandwagon effect because people do just pile on. That Richard Cooper video was actually a really good learning experience for me.

However, as I said that video wasn’t really about France and Germany. The intention of that video was to highlight the old Spider-Man adage that, with great power comes great responsibility.

Richard Cooper has an army of followers that pretty much hang off his every word. I follow his channel too and I really appreciate a lot of the content he puts out. And I think a channel like Richards is absolutely necessary for this day and age.

However, because Richard wields a lot of influence over the people that follow him, I believe he has a fiduciary duty to put across objective, well-researched advice to his audience and in that particular instance, I believe he failed to do so. I believed that France and Germany’s position on paternity testing deserved to at least be given a mention so that you the audience had the information you needed to decide whether you thought it was a reasonable law or not, instead of just basically being told what to think by Richard. Once again, it kinda sucks that the video was misunderstood by its audience by, hey, that’s YouTube…

So now on to the videos that you guys seem to like!

So I would consider my series on affordable sugar dating strategies for men to have been quite a success. You guys seem to like that. That series is pretty much done and dusted now, but if you want me to do a video on a particular topic to do with sugar dating that I haven’t covered in the series then please let me know either in the comments or just email me using the links below.

You also seem to like my video on the cold hard truth of girls with daddy issues. And I have to admit I’m particularly proud of that video too.

Now a video that really surprises me that it’s done so well is my very first coaching video called “What to say when she says wants to be just friends”.

I totally cringe when I watch that video now, I think it’s bloody embarrassing. I even did a follow-up video trying to right the wrongs I said in that original video because I believe I gave some pretty bad advice.

But you guys seem to like it! I’m really not sure why, but I’m just happy to roll with it.

I think it got a bit of a boost from Richard cooper when he linked to the video during my interview with him.

So, thanks Richard??

Other highlights during the year include my interview with Alexander grace at the beginning of the year. I really enjoyed talking to him, he’s a really interesting guy and it was nice to talk to him in person after watching his videos for years.

And my car video! I did a video featuring my project car my 1981 Mercedes 380SLC at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown. I still have that car, it’s still a pain in my arse that’s fighting me every step of the way, but I’ll get there. Let me know if you’d like an update on that car.

Oh, I also haven’t forgotten about my pledge to interview an E-Thot or E-girl. It’s been more difficult than I thought to lock someone in, I’ve come close a couple of times to making it happen and then they’ve bailed at the last minute. Seriously, these girls are like trying to nail jelly to a wall, they’re busy girls and short of paying them for their time, which I absolutely refuse to do, it’s difficult to lock them down. But, I will keep on trying with that one…

So anyway, that’s 2020, pretty much. This channel of mine is growing at a snail's pace but I plan to keep on keeping on.

I’d really like to know what you guys would like me to talk about. So, what subjects would you like my advice on. As I said, this channel is essentially for you guys, and I want to give you as much value as I possibly can, so please don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you want me to discuss anything in particular.

The plan is to continue to produce 2 videos a week, I think that’s a good amount. I don’t think you guys would be interested in me vomiting out daily content either.

I also plan to release an Audible version of my book Here Be Dragons later next year, that’s going to take quite a bit of effort but the books been selling quite well (thanks to everyone who bought a copy btw) so it warrants an audio version now I think…

But anyway that’s it. Thanks for all of your support so far. They’ll be plenty more videos to come and lets make 2021 better than ever!


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