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My Most Embarrasing Sugar Dating Story...

Gday folks,

So today, it’s storytime…

And, spoiler alert, the moral of this story is “take your “L’s” like a man.

So, this is a rather embarrassing story about the time I got played.

And I think there’s probably going to be a few viewers, probably of the sugar baby variety, yelling “Suck it loser! That’s karma for you!”.

And you know what? I fucking deserved what I got in this little scenario.

And the reason why I’m sharing this story with you is that I honestly believe that you guys can learn just as much from my failures as you can from my successes.

Because, as I said in a video not long ago, failure is fine, as long as you learn from your failures…

So, anyway on with the story…

So this is another girl who didn’t make the cut into my book here be dragons

Why didn’t she make the cut for the book? Well, a couple of reasons…

One was because, well, to be honest, I was fucking embarrassed of what happened, and if you’ve already read my book you’ll know that I’m pretty damn candid in it and I don’t really hold back on too much of the detail. But I got totally fucking blindsided by this girl, and quite frankly she made me feel like a fucking idiot…

And secondly, it was towards the end of my salt dating excursion and from a narrative perspective, my experience with her didn’t really fit the narrative arc of the book.

There was a natural narrative arc taking place and I felt like I was experiencing personal growth during my time on, but then this thing happened with this girl and it sort of threw a weird curveball into the mix, so I made the executive decision to leave it out of the book but now I’m here telling you all about it anyway…

So, this girl was older than most of the other girls. She was about 36, a single mum, a bit of a gym junkee and she was Scottish. Where I’m from there seems to be a lot of Scottish and Irish girls on for some reason, I don’t know…

Anyway, this girl contacted me, she was out of my usual search parameters so I wouldn’t have even found her.

I think at the time I was getting a bit sick of silly little girls and I was contemplating dating some older, potentially more mature women, somebody I could have a decent conversation with.

Anyway, I arranged to meet up with this girl pretty quickly, I was just looking at my saved discussion thread with her, yeah it happened pretty fast. She did throw out the whole “are you interest3d in an arrangement” crap pretty early on, but, going by my thread, it looks like I circumvented her question pretty nicely by doing the whole “we don’t even know if we like each other, why don’t we meet up and make sure we don’t want to kill each other first” line.

Anyway, we met up, I remember the date it was pretty damn good! No, I didn’t end up in bed with her but I do remember making out with her at the end of the night.

Just as an aside, guys, if you don’t end up sleeping with a girl on the first date that doesn’t make you beta. It fucking bewilders me how red-pilled coaches tell guys that if a girl won’t sleep with you on the first date you’re a beta, but then complain about girls that sleep with men on first dates saying that women don’t bother to preserve their worth these days...

I mean, what do they want? Do you want women to preserve their worth or do you want girls that will sleep with you on first dates?

I mean, ok, fair enough, if you just wanna get laid then go find an easy lay. But if that’s all you want and all you’re chasing don’t turn around and complain that all the girls out there don’t know how to preserve their value. I mean, you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for, no matter what it is, I guarantee that!

Anyway, as I said, we didn’t end up in bed together but I didn’t mind, it was a good date nonetheless. Plus I think I was seeing a couple of other girls at the time anyway.

So, we planned to meet up again after we both came back from our respective holidays in Bali. She was going to a wedding and I had a fiftieth birthday to attend. So there was a couple of weeks in between dates.

Anyway, the time comes for our second date. At this stage, I thought I was in like Flynn. We’d been sexting each other constantly while we were both in Bali and we did try to meet up a few times, but we were both busy doing things with our friends and whatever so it never happened. But, but the time it was time for our second date, the sexual tension had been ramped up to 10.

So I do my usual routine of taking the girl to 3 different venues, making sure the final venue has rooms available for the night if necessary and, as I said, I thought this was such a shoo-in I decided to preemptively book a hotel room online while I was in the bathroom at the bar. So when the time came I could just very coolly grab the door cards and head straight up to the room, James Bond style.

Anyway, I pop the usual question, I do my usual “I’m too tired to drive, I’m gonna grab a room here for the night, why don’t you join me” routine. Usually works, in this case, I thought it was going to work 100% per cent. If it didn’t work with this girl I was gonna eat my friggin shoe.

So I popped the question. And she says “uh we don’t have an arrangement yet…”

Ok, I do my usual feign ignorance routine, “what do mean”, I don’t understand, what’s an arrangement?

Which you can then follow up with why don’t we see how we feel in the morning about each other, but let’s not ruin what we have right now because I can feel something special happening here…” routine.

But she just laughed at me and said “do you know who I am?”

What? What does that mean?

She was one of the head moderators for one of the world's biggest sugar dating advice forums. She was the fucking sugar baby matriarch. The mother of all sugar babies. She had seen every play, heard every line before that had been uttered by every salt dater. I was fucked.

She could see I was visibly dejected, I mean, she’d caught me out, I had been defeated by a superior enemy who saw my every move coming before I made it. she knew exactly what I was trying to do and just let it all play out. She was always two steps ahead of me.

I felt fucking stupid…

I remember She patted me on the arm and said "Don’t worry, we still had a good time, didn’t we?"

“Do you want to go and see if you can cancel the hotel room and get a refund?”

Fucking hell, the ignominy of it all!

But yeah, I got a refund on the room, call me a tight arse but I’m not paying for a room I’m not using.

But I gotta say, she was very honourable in victory, so I decided to be gallant in defeat. I remember saying to her “well played, very well played…” and you know what, I even drove her home because she had beaten me fair and square at my own game and I fucking respect that.

Gotta say it’s still friggin embarrassing to talk about though. I was like being caught with your pants down.

But as a very wise man once said to me, it’s fine to break the rules, just make sure you don’t get caught. In this situation, I got caught. This girl saw right through me. So I had to take the “L” like a man.

So I guess that’s the moral of the story if there is one. If you get caught, take your “L’s” like a man…

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