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Richard Cooper: The Unplugged Alpha Book Review

Richard Cooper from the Red Pill YouTube channel Entrepreneurs in Cars has always been a bit of a polarizing force.

On one hand there are those men, and even perhaps some women who consider Richard to be the father they never had. The guy who literally saved them from, as Richard so eloquently puts it “creating a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. The guy who opened their eyes to the realities of the feminine primary social order that we all exist in here in the west.

Then there are others who decry him as the epitome of the misogynistic sexist pig. The poster boy of toxic masculinity.

Well now, Richard Coopers long awaited book “The Unplugged Alpha: The No BullShit Guide To Winning With Women & Life” has finally been released and, like the man, you’re either going to love it or hate it.

Now, I’ll be honest, I struggle a bit with Richard Coopers work. He leaves me in two minds. While I’m an avid supporter of Richard work and his general message of “be better” & “do the work”, I’ve often found myself lamenting the fact that often his message lacks a certain nuance when it comes with dealing with women.

Back in May 2020 he was gracious enough to let me promote my own book Here Be Dragons on his channel, and behind the scenes, I found him to be quite a warm, affable approachable guy.

And while it’s incredibly admirable when someone is able to turn the wounds from their past into positive work, Richard is a man who, clearly still smarts from the pain that women have caused him in the past, and, perhaps understandably so, I’ve always personally found that a level of cynicism runs through his work, and his book is no exception.

So, while he’s probably more advanced than most, he’s still not quite through the red pill anger phase, and understandably so, if the introduction to his book is anything to go by...

Which brings me to the content of his book.

While the content of his book reads like a distillation of the almost 900 strong video catalogue on his YouTube Channel, and honestly won’t really contain any real revelations for those already familiar with his online work, personally, the most satisfying read came during his introduction, as Richard describes his journey to the red pill with some surprising vulnerability, something that is out of character from the usually stoic Mr. Cooper.

As I stated earlier the body of his book covers topics he has covered in detail in hundreds of videos.

While the first few chapters are devoted to dropping some cold hard truth bombs of the red pill kind on readers, the rest of his book outlines familiar topics such as testosterone replacement therapy, hypergamy, “getting da girls” and even owning a motorcycle.

So, who is this book for? Well I think it works best for guys who have just begun their red pill journey. This book will be like the bible to them. The book is quite dense though, and newly red pilled guys might feel like, as the old saying goes, like they’re drinking from a fire hose while reading it. This book is probably going to require a number of read throughs to really embody the fundamentals that it espouses.

However, I would say that This book is certainly not for someone who might currently be blissfully ignorant of the tenets of the red pill. Someone who is still “plugged in” to use a popular red pill vernacular. So if you’re in the frustrating situation where you have a mate who’s blindly walking into the slaughterhouse, don’t think that giving him this book will save him, it’s too much too soon.

So, would I personally recommend Richards book? Well ultimately, it really doesn’t matter what I say does it. Those firmly in Richards camp will be eager to support him and have been chomping at the bit for this book to drop for what seems like years. I know I have, hence why I bought his book before a single amazon review has been posted.

And those that have no time for Richards work won’t be any further compelled by this book. Like the man, it’s a solid, straightforward, workmanlike manual of masculinity that will appeal heavily to a very select audience and possibly ostracize others not yet in the club.

So, that’s my review of Richards book. Don’t forget I have my own book here be dragons available as well, so perhaps consider buying both, but if you can buy one well, obviously just buy mine...

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