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The Problem With SEX ROBOTS That ABSOLUTELY NOBODY Is Talking About!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Ok, this was 5 months in the making. I really had to think about this one.

So I while ago I did a video on the future of sex robots. In that video, I discussed what I thought the future would look like with personal pleasure robots.

But there’s one thing I forgot to talk about in that video. And it’s the massive problem that nobody, and I really do mean nobody, is really talking about.

And no, it’s got nothing to do with all the usual things you hear from people who are against personal pleasure robots, like feminists freaking out that men are going to objectify women more or it’s going to encourage pedophilia or something…

And then there’s all the rubbish that the mainstream media complain about like these robots are going to be designed to enable men to act out their deepest darkest fantasy’s and it’s going to normalise corrupt behaviour because men have no control over their basest desires.

As far as I’m concerned this whole sex robot thing is a symptom of an existing problem in our society, not the catalyst for new problems.

What I want to discuss is this: the men who are most likely to purchase a personal pleasure robot share 2 common potentially harmful qualities: female idealisation and a propensity to seek unearned intimacy.

So how did we all get here? Well, In some ways as William Gibson once said "the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed".

So it’s something that we’re all going to have to get used to. How regulated the whole industry will be is probably the only unknown left to work out.

So places like Japan, because of their generally more I guess, oppressive culture, loneliness is going to be continued to be dealt with more privately, it’s not going to be discussed as openly as it’s beginning to be discussed in western countries, which is, as far as I’m concerned a very good thing.

So therefore in those countries like Japan this loneliness epidemic it’s going to be dealt with in more private and more esoteric ways.

Therefore they’re more likely to be early adopters of things like normalising using technology to overcome loneliness and horniness for that matter.

But it is going to happen in western countries. All the social and financial models show a growing gap between the haves and the have nots. And there’s likely to be a growing polarisation type same way between the “chads” for want of a better word, the guys that are getting all the punany and the guys unable to get sex due to being unable to meet the increasing partner expectations for women. There are many drivers of these growing expectations, take the widening gap between the sexes in University enrolments for 1 example.

Currently, in America, female enrolment in university compared to males is about 60/40 and that is set to increase to almost 70/30 within the next 20 years, so that means that’s there’s going to be 2 girls for every 1 guy in university. And so you might be thinking well that’s cool all I have to do to get some action is get into university.

No, that’s not all you have to do. Hypergamy dictates that women only date across and up, so therefore not only do you have to get into university, you also have to outperform all the females there, and they’re going to make up almost 70% of the classroom so you’re going to have to AT LEAST be in the top 30% of the class.

So suffice to say if you’re an average joe then things are going to get tougher for you. As I said before the gap between the haves and have nots, in the financial world, in the dating world, is all the same, it’s going to get worse for most of us and a lot better for a very few elite people right at the top.

So with all that in mind, sex robots, let’s talk about them again. Because as I’ve said, I’ve picked up on something that going to be a real problem in the future for “users” of this technology, and nobody seems to be talking about it….

Now there’s the old red pill adage that men love idealistically, while women love opportunistically. Guys want to pedestalise women, place them on a pedestal.

As Rollo Tomasi once wrote: "Men are the romantics forced to be the realists, while women are the realists using romanticisms to affect their imperatives (hypergamy)."

Think about it for a sec, when was the last time you saw in real life, or in a movie or anything, a woman instigating a genuinely romantic act. They don’t do it. It’s the guys that do all the romantic stuff! Women are the receivers of romance, not the creators of it.

So, contrary to how the mainstream media tells us, men are much more likely than women are to get swept away with the feelings of an idealised, romanticised version of relationships.

You’ve got to also remember that There’s a lot of guys out there who are fearful of a relationship with a person who is separate from them. Who has a mind of their own and opinions and flaws?

What exactly do I mean by this?

Well, and let me just preface this by saying that I’m not trying to be disparaging in any way to these guys, rather I’m trying to come at this from an empathetic point of view. These guys would prefer to have their woman be an extension of themselves, an entity that always agrees with them and does whatever they want them to because they’re afraid they don’t have the capability or the emotional skillset to overcome any “imperfections in the relationship. So therefore an entity that is completely submissive and doesn’t create any feelings of discomfort would be very appealing to a lot of guys out there. They can basically create their “perfect” companion.

The problem here is that for these types of guys who already have a propensity to project their fantasies onto a woman, to place them on a pedestal so to speak, these sex robots are going to act as an enabler for that negative behaviour.

From the guy's point of view, this is all about control, it’s about safety, being able to safely control your environment around you. Because the world can be a chaotic place, and if you don’t believe you have the ability to navigate this chaotic world successfully, like perhaps you have tried to meet and connect with women in the past and have found yourself getting repeatedly rejected and you can’t figure out why, or perhaps you suffered some sort of trauma from an abusive relationship in the past then these robots are going to be a great antidote to your anxieties.

It would be totally understandable if you believed the reason these terrible things happened to you was that you lacked control. And so, therefore, it might just be easier to find a girl, or perhaps purchase a girl that you could control?

Another thing, prostitution and stripping have been around for millennia. there have always been women selling sex to get what they want since the dawn of man. And there have always been guys who are happy to just use money to make these girls be nice to them. Overtly transactional relationships between men and women have been around forever and were the first forms of unearned intimacy.

But then came unlimited pornography of every type you could possibly imagine for every taste at the click of a button.

And now specialised transactional dating platforms like Seeking Arrangement and they’re has become increasingly popular.

And now on top of that, there are platforms like only fans and jerkmate, and a plethora of other camgirl sites, where a guy can throw a few bucks at an attractive girl in exchange for a sliver of validation.

What I'm saying is that, through our current western culture, Men and women for that matter, are being encouraged and perhaps even trained to eschew normal relationships and move instead towards a model of unearned intimacy.

All of these platforms are the perfect solution for a man struggling to connect. He doesn’t have to change, he feels safe in and he controls the frame.

Sex robots are just a natural extension of what is already happening out there.

But think about this for a sec.

Imagine meeting your perfect woman. She's physically flawless in your eyes, she has a perfectly pleasant demeanour, she laughs at all your stupid jokes and genuinely agrees with your views on things, but not to the point of supplication.

I could imagine most guys would want to spend ALL their time with such a woman. And I would say they would genuinely fall in love very fast with this girl.

Think about it. What does a man, who is presented with his ideal woman, a woman literally of his own design, what does he do?

How does he react to the physical manifestation of his perfect woman in the most literal sense?

The problem is this. This fantasy girl that this lonely guy has had made to what he thinks is his exact tastes, it's all an attempt to control his life by lying to himself.

He hasn’t taken any affirmative action to mitigate the trauma he might have suffered from his past but instead have just manufactured a new reality for himself. It’s a delusional fantasy. It’s literally playing make-believes.

Now for some people, and maybe even most people, this would be fine, they would have no problem with this. It’s like in the movie the matrix when cypher is negotiating with agent smith in the restaurant to betray his crew members. Ignorance is bliss...

Some people will be happy having the wool pulled over their eyes, of living their lie.

But this is the saddest thing of all. And it’s going to devastate a lot of lives in the future…

The problem is, you can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Reality always wins in the end.

Eventually, the bubble of safety that these guys with their sex robots have created will burst. Maybe their robot malfunctions, but more than likely, it will be something minute, something just a bit off about the robot's behaviour that will trigger the guy.

I don’t exactly know what that will look like, but somehow the facade will be broken. They will be forced to wake up from the reality they’ve created for themselves.

And when the facade is broken, what then?

When he realises that he isn’t the amazing guy that he was fooling himself he was, the guy who was able to “get” this perfect female specimen when the suspension of disbelief is broken for one split second and he realises the truth of the situation, that he’s fucking an inanimate toy, that he’s invested time and money and emotion into this doll, what happens to that guy then?

One day these guys are just going to go “holy shit, I’m fucking a robot”.

I know, it kinda sounds stupid and obvious, and people are great at anthropomorphising things such as cars and plants and whatever, but humans also have a deep capacity to brainwash themselves. We can think up all sorts of crazy ways to justify even our craziest, most destructive behaviours. Just look up Munchausen by proxy syndrome or Stockholm Syndrome for evidence of this.

So I’m no feminist and I’m certainly no advocate for the campaign against pornbots. I mean, there are crazy feminists saying that sex dolls can’t consent to sex. I mean seriously. Like a fleshlight can’t consent to sex either, like, what's the difference.

I think that pornbots or sex robots are an inevitability given the current societal pressures. And I believe repressed men with no reasonable outlet for their frustrations are the most dangerous group of people on earth. So we need to be pragmatic about this upcoming problem.

But I’m really concerned for these guys. I really am. When your local environment reinforces a delusion that you’ve created for yourself, what’s the difference between that and psychosis?

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