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The Truth About the Six 6's Rule of Dating

So most guys are after the same thing. Size 6 -10, long legs, tight arse, firm tits, long hair, pretty face, great skin. All very superficial really. And why not, our attraction to the fairer sex is initially visually based. So we’re, quite understandably, looking for signs of health in any potential bearer of our future spawn.

However, lo and behold women have a similar list of standards they apply to any potential long term partner / “provider”. They term these the “Six 6’s”.

So what are the six 6’s?

Well, in no particular order:

- A 600 HP Car (why this matters, I have no idea. I’m going to go out on a limb here and postulate that the majority of women wouldn’t know the difference between a 603 horse power E63 AMG and a 181 horsepower Mercedes E200 with an AMG pack fitted. I think it just has to “look expensive”. But I’m just being a dick and I digress…..)

- 6 Pack abs

- At least 6 months since his last relationship

- At 6 inches in the pants

- A six figure salary

- At least 6 feet tall

So that’s some pretty high standards to live up to for us poor men. And to be completely honest, I personally believe that the advent and proliferation of online dating has exacerbated womens belief, even if they themselves have little to offer any potential partner in return, that they can be as choosy as hell.

With online dating, such is the choice afforded to even a pretty ordinary looking girl, that she begins to view herself as having a Sexual Market Value akin to that of Margot Robbie. And the funny thing is, there are still enough desperate guys out there who will fall over themselves to get a handshake from this girl, thus giving her an incredible amount of perceived abundance and choice. A man would have to be Leonardo DiCaprio to get the same amount of interest on dating sites (Yes, I’ve just watched Wolf of Wall Street, hence the copious references).

I have a theory. And it’s a prickly one, so please allow me a moment to don my flak jacket. When I’m walking around town I believe I can spot those couples who met via a dating site. The main indication, I believe, is that the guy always looks like he’s a couple of rungs higher than the girl in the physical looks department. I’ve seen this over and over again. The guy always looks like he wouldn’t give the time of day to the girl if they happened to bump into one another in a more traditional setting, such as a bar or social gathering. But online, he's reduced to having to be the court jester, keeping the girl entertained so maybe, just maybe she'll choose to eventually meet him in person over the 60 or so other online contenders who would be too scared to approach any girl in person.

But it’s this expectation that “the guy must do all the chasing” that leads this to continue to happen online. You end up with a situation where the girls objectively unrealistic level of value is constantly being reinforced by desperate guys looking to throw their dick at anything that moves.

But anyway, once again I digress.

So what should guys make of the Six 6’s rule?

Well, the first thought that pops into my head regarding this, is that it is merely a shit test. Shit tests, for those of you unfamiliar with dating terminology, are basically a way for high value women to “thin the herd” of prospective sexual partners. It’s basically designed to test a man’s emotional control, social calibration, level of self-esteem and intelligence. All at the same time. Very efficient actually! It’s designed to illicit approval seeking, neediness, insecurity and in some instances even anger in men who don’t have their shit tied together properly.

So what does a shit test look like?

Well, for example, if you’re short (under 6 foot, according to the six 6’s) and you’ve approached a girl, the girl may tease you about your height, just to see how you’ll react. If you get butthurt or angry at this her first thought is going to be “this guy is clearly unbalanced. We’ve only just met. Why does he care so much about what a virtual stranger thinks about him???”. And you’ve failed. You’re out. However if the same guy responds with a joke or makes a playful remark such as “Yeah, the best things come in small packages”, basically doesn’t let her remark affect him, then she’s likely to become intrigued about him.

So what’s the main takeaway from all this rambling?

Well, first and foremost, confidence is the key to success. Forget the Six 6’s rule. It’s merely a list of the attributes of what the ultimate provider should look like in a womans mind. However, unless they themselves are Scarlett Johansson, they’re, objectively speaking, unlikely to deserve someone who meets that criteria in all respects. You must believe that you have value to contribute in a relationship as you are, and if you don’t, work on improving that area in your life. If you start to build value and improve your self esteem then you will naturally look for partners who display high value as well. And you won’t settle for anything less. Because you truly believe you deserve the best. You become the prize!

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