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There Are Advantages To Dating Older Sugar Babies...No, Really...

So, today I want to answer a question I get from clients.

Are there ANY benefits to dating older sugar babies?

So, when I say “older” sugar babies, it’s all relative. I basically mean any woman over the age of 30, just for reference.

Now, many people out there will unequivocally tell you “NO”. Why the hell would you want to date older sugar babies.

And I am certainly not here to argue with those people.

There are many many benefits for dating younger women, least of all is obviously how they look, and also that they are usually less “encumbered”.

However, we are all looking for different things in relationships, and what you are looking for may not necessarily be what I’m looking for.

In my coaching practice, I help the client get what he wants, not what I want the client to have.

So the question here really is, considering your current lifestyle what type of qualities would be beneficial to have in any woman you choose to partner up with?

What qualities compliment your current lifestyle the most?

Yes, if you honestly just want eye candy and basically just a living sex doll, like a lot of guys THINK that they want, then younger women are the go.

But you have to remember that they are basically just children. They are dependent. They generally aren’t terribly emotionally mature, which can lead to a whole bunch of problems on its own…

So, just saying here, if you want someone more of a teammate, more of a collaborator, someone who might be actually engaging to talk to and bounce ideas off, I can tell you right now you’re not going to get that with a younger woman.

I’m saying this because it's not all about sex. Sex is only important when you don’t have much access to it. But once you get that problem solved, other things become more important.

So I guess I’m trying to say to think of the long term bigger picture here…

But not every older woman is the same, obviously. To maintain their value to men, older women must come to the table with attributes that can only be acquired through age. And if they don’t, well let’s be honest, they’re not worth much to men…

Now to illustrate this concept, I want to talk to you about 2 women from my personal life here.

One used to be a very close friend of mine and she is now a very well known public figure and I'm not exaggerating, if it got out about who I was talking about it would have serious fallout on a public scale, so I need to be very careful how I handle this...

The second woman I wrote about in my book Here be dragons (links down below) If you’ve read the book, It was a girl that some of my friends were trying to set me up with.

Why do I want to talk about these women in particular? Well no, first off, let's make it very clear, they aren’t sugar babies, far from, but their respective behaviour gives us some interesting insights about older women that you can apply when you are trying to figure out whether you would prefer to date older or younger sugar babies.

Now, these two women are very comparable because they share many attributes. They are both about 40 now. They are both still equally attractive and in shape for their age, they have both aged quite well, they even both look the same, they are both blue-eyed blondes, around the same height.

And they are both long term spinsters. Like, neither of them has had a long term relationship of any kind in almost twenty years.

Make of that what you will…

Anyway, The difference between these two women is that one of them has followed her passion and become a major public figure now who is admired and looked up to by many and I’ll just leave it at that, and the other one still acts like the female equivalent of a man child.

For example, on her Instagram page she is holding a drink in pretty much every single photo, she still holds a pretty menial position in the hospitality industry and at the age of 40 she is still acting like your typical “woo-girl”.

Now, just before we go on I just want to clarify that overall value as a human being is different to a person's sexual market value.

They are 2 separate things. Women get upset when they are told that their sexual market value drops as they get older because they think that people are telling them that society doesn’t value them anymore.

That’s wrong!

There are many elements to a human being other than their sexual market value. A woman can be valued by society for something other than her physical appearance IF THEY BOTHER TO WORK ON DEVELOPING THESE OTHER ELEMENTS!

So just remember that sexual market value and your overall societal value are two different things.

Now The value that women bring to their society changes throughout their life. The value they bring when they are a younger woman is different to when they are older.

When they are younger, their value to society is heavily weighted towards their “sexual market value”. They are pretty, they are fertile, they are healthy, and therefore men want to have sex with them so they can have healthy children.

However as they age, their sexual market value falls, and they “hit the wall” as the red pill calls it.

Therefore, to maintain their overall value in society they have to learn to contribute in other ways.

You could argue that if an older woman has worked on themselves they can be arguably more valuable to society overall because they contribute MORE to society overall than a younger woman.

For example, The older woman who has done the work on herself is wiser and can act as a mentor to younger women to help them improve as people, whereas a younger woman cannot perform this important role in society.

That is arguably more valuable to society than just one woman's good looks

However, this comes back to the two women I was comparing before, if a woman in her mid to late thirties only still solely relies on her looks as her main asset, an asset that has diminishing returns, then she loses value.

Think of it like a stock portfolio, if you have a particular stock that seems to be reducing in value then to boost your portfolio's overall value you need to add other stocks to it to balance out the losses.

So you need to bring other attributes to the table. For women, it’s things like other skills like a developed profession or passion, an ability for self-reflection and self-awareness. Self-discipline and selflessness. The capacity for rational thought and wisdom.

If you as a woman, do not bother to do this, bother becoming more than just your physical appearance, then you as an older woman will be competing directly with all of the younger prettier little things out there, and if you do this I can guarantee that you will LOSE.

And then you will have no value to society.

So, This is how you as an older woman can maintain your overall value and can make up for the loss of sexual market value.

And, to be quite honest, if you can do this then you will probably get a better quality guy who is looking for a more rounded individual as a partner rather than just a one night stand.

So, to bring this all back to the guys now, if you are contemplating seeking out an older sugar baby, make sure she has her head screwed on properly. Make sure she doesn’t act like an entitled little princess, she doesn’t get to do that anymore.

If she, at an older age expects a man to look after her, She should have her domestic skills on point, be interesting and engaging to talk to, self-reflective and self-aware, and last but not least, be a total firecracker in the sack!

If she’s not, then why the hell wouldn’t you just go and date a younger woman instead?

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