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Thoughts on Hypergamy and AWALT

The Red Pill tells us that “All Women Are Like That” – But are they?

Now, just as a prologue, I believe that there are some behaviours that are hardwired into us at a biological level and that some behaviours can be generally more attributed to females than they can to males and vice versa.

For example, women are generally considered to be more social, nurturing and collaborative in nature, while men are considered to be generally more aggressive, logical and ambitious in nature.

Of course, everything is on a spectrum, things aren’t usually black or white, or good or evil. There are naturally effeminate men and women who naturally act more traditionally masculine. And there’s everything in between.

But the Red Pill has this term “AWALT”, or All Women Are Like That.

So what do they mean by it, and is there any truth to it?

So, the first question I want to tackle, is “do people using this term “AWALT” really mean that all women are exactly the same?

For the most part, of course not.

Now, yes, there is a population of men out there who believe that all women think and act exactly the same as each other in every way, like women are stamped out at a factory or something, but I would hazard to say that men who think this way probably haven’t spent a lot of time either interacting with high quality women, or are just used to interacting with women generally on a fairly superficial level.

So what does “AWALT” actually mean?

Well, it’s essentially a phrase used by the Red Pill Community to remind us of the natural hypergamous nature of women. That is, to secure the best possible man for a relationship using her resources. Usually, this consists mainly of her looks and charm.

It does not mean that “all women are sluts or cheaters”, or “all women are the same”. I think there’s a misconception in some corners of the manosphere that that’s what AWALT means.

It does, however, mean that “all women have the potential to cheat”, because of their hypergamous nature. But I find this to be a sort of amorphous concept.

I mean, most of us have the potential to be astronauts, but it takes a number of specific circumstances and conditions to turn the potential of being an astronaut into actually being an astronaut.

Fair enough, if you choose to associate with lower quality women then yes, they will probably cheat on you at the drop of a hat. But what the hell are you doing associating with low-quality women in the first place??

But a normal, well-adjusted woman will need a certain set of circumstances to exist before she even considers cheating. She’ll need the opportunity to cheat with someone for starters, coupled with a feeling of dissatisfaction with her current spouse. And that dissatisfaction usually stems from a loss of connection with her partner.

Now yes, if a woman was really a high quality individual, she would just break up with you before she begins cheating. But let's face it, unfortunately, there are not many people out there, men or women, who actually have the balls to walk away from a relationship without having something else lined up first.

So anyway, let's tackle the concept of hypergamy now. And whether it should be considered a derogatory term…

Woman's “hypergamy” is the theory that women aspire to “marry up”. To only consider someone of higher social status than themselves as worthy partners.

Now, I’m sure there are women out there who will argue that hypergamy doesn’t exist because they either stuck by their man when the shit hit the fan and they were going through a rough spot financially, or they used to pay all their deadbeat boyfriends bills.

I’ve even dated a couple of girls who complained to me about having to bail their boyfriends out financially. But guess what? They happened to have terrible self-esteem. They thought that, at the time, their dead-beat boyfriend was the best deal they could get.

That’s still hypergamy!

And, as for the women who stick by their husband through rough spots, well, I’m probably going to get heat for this, but I’m going to say it anyway, there are a few things to consider here.

First, usually, they’ve lost the opportunity to attract an alternative because their looks have faded, but they have also invested themselves so heavily into this one man that they really have put all their eggs in one basket, so to speak. They would only leave as an absolute last resort, but it would likely be at a terrible cost to themselves. So, it’s in her best interests to do everything she can to help get their man back on top of his game.

So, it may be strategically better to just stay together, or there might be an external source forcing them to stay together, such as religion or social pressure. Good examples of this are Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Gayle and Ted Haggard.

But I tell you what, I wouldn’t want to be those guys. A woman whose kinda “stuck” with some guy who has fallen from grace and dragged her down with him is going to be pure hell to live with.

Anyway, I digress.

Women determine the suitability of men as a partner by making a judgement call based on his looks, his wealth and his social status, and she determines this usually through a set of what are called “shit tests”. If you don’t know what a shit test is, I’ll leave a card in the right-hand corner to the video I made that explains shit tests and you can check it out if you want.

Now there is this understanding amongst the MGTOW community that all women are “using men for either their looks, money or social status”. And, amongst the MGTOW community, and in some spaces of the Red Pill community at large, this “hypergamy” is considered a negative trait that women should be admonished for having.

And certainly, when you use inflammatory language to describe it such as “men are being USED for their money, status and health”, hypergamy does sound terrible.

I think, on top of this, a lot of men are struggling to meet the standards set by women today, because of the increased levels of education amongst women and equality of the sexes and whatever. Women are overtaking men in universities and more men are now considered to be unworthy of pair bonding in the eyes of women nowadays.

And I can see how this can be frustrating for a lot of men. 50 years ago, they would’ve been considered acceptable partners. Now, due to “feminism”, women's standards of who is considered an acceptable partner has raised above the level that most men are at.

But, when you stop to think about it and take the emotion and frustration that men feel out of it, why is hypergamy a bad thing? I mean, of course, women want you for your looks, status and wealth! Why is this a bad thing? Why should women be resented for wanting these things?

I would even argue that it wouldn’t be terribly great for the human species as a whole if women only reproduced with low-quality men.

Besides, and I know I’m going to sound like a total dick when I say this, but it’s only a problem for you if you don’t have any money, social status or health. And if you don’t have any, the obvious solution to that is to stop crying about it and go out and do what you need to do to get some.

We’re men! We’re problem solvers! If you’ve got a problem, go out and do something to fix it!

Getting angry at women for wanting these things in a man is exactly the same as when you see blue-haired, overweight feminists trying to shame men for only being attracted to slim, healthy, feminine women.

There’s no point resenting women for being the way they are, in much the same way as there’s no point resenting a shark for being the way it is.

And, before anyone chimes in about the law and “the system” being against men, this is just about being able to attract women at the start.

Maintaining long term relationships is a whole different kettle of fish. And I’ve got a video about minimising risk and making better decisions when it comes to relationships coming along soon.

Shouldn’t men’s response to women's hypergamy naturally be to raise our own standards for ourselves and others? I mean, if men raise their standards for women and refuse to indulge low-quality women, they will have to get better if they want a relationship. And, for women who want to remain independent and single, well they’re obviously free to act however they want.

But, if they want a relationship with a man, and they want to start a family? Well then, they’ll need to do what it takes to appeal to mens higher standards.

What I guess I’m saying is, shouldn’t men's response to women's hypergamy be to embrace hypergamy as well? I’d be really interested in seeing viewers thoughts on this.

So, to sum up, in much the same way as women’s hypergamous nature is sort of innately benign and innocuous, the term AWALT is too. It’s just a general rule to consider when dating that reminds us to keep our eyes open, and not to drop the ball in a relationship.

It’s a response to all the Disney nonsense that we’re taught to believe when we’re young about “finding your one true love” and “being together forever and ever”.

It’s a response to just about every sappy love song you hear.

It’s just a dose of reality and pragmatism.

No matter how beautiful they are, women are people too. Some men forget that. They, like men, are capable of doing great things, but also terrible things in order to get the best deal for themselves.

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